Martha Underwood
My art interests have taken me in many directions. I began with oil painting at Scripps College and at Otis Art Institute. I designed stained glass windows for a company in Pasadena for a year.  Then I was employed to do mosaics for Millard Sheets.  I trained craftsmen to assist us when there were too many murals for one person to do.  Those were exciting years.  I had occasion to design several small murals for commercial buildings.  And at that time a group of local artists and I sent our designs to Aubusson, France to have them woven.  I then became interested in making my own weavings but not by the traditional methods. That interest lasted more than ten years.
Chaffey College invited me to teach these methods of making Fiber Arts. During the next twenty seven years I taught the usual art courses, drawing, design and painting and then taught Graphic Design, The Art of the Cartoon, Children’s Book Illustration, Illustration for Interior Designers, Printmaking and Watercolor Painting.  I was moonlighting doing all of these things for fun and income.
Now it is mostly Watercolor.  I travel a lot now that I am retired.  I find rich inspiration for my watercolors wherever I go.  I often paint spontaneously from the colors and shapes which are more abstract and purely personal.
At present I enter and judge shows and do demonstrations for art organizations around Southern California.
Martha Underwood
Name: Martha Underwood
College: B.A. Scripps College
MFA Otis Arts Institute
Studied with:
      Millard Sheets
      Phil Dike
      Jean and Arthur Ames
      Bob wood
      Rex Brandt
      Jerry Brommer
      Milford Zornes
     Coachella Valley Watercolor League
     Los Alamitos Community Art League
     Las Artistas, Pasadena
     Hillcrest Festival of the Arts
     Pomona Valley Art Assn.
     Associated Artists of the Inland Empire
     Mid-valley Art Assn.
     Chaffey Art Association Museum, Galleries
     Claremont Heritage Celebration
     Claremont Heritage Gallery
     East Valley Art Association
Coachella Valley Watercolor Society
     Mid-valley Art Assn.
     Pomona School District Annual Art competition
     21st Art Show Pasadena Presbyterian Church (with Tom Fong and Beverly Dunea)
     22nd Art Show Pasadena Presbyterian Church (with Jerry Brommer and Dory Grade)
     Pomona Valley Art Assn.
     East Valley Art Assn.
     Fontana Art Assn.
     Pomona School District Art Competition
     Southern California Art competition for Jr. and Sr. High school students-L.A. County